Meet the Board


President: Suzanne Setti

Suzanne joined the Board in June 2017. They went vegetarian in 2007 and became vegan in 2015, the same week they moved to North Carolina. Suzanne volunteered at a monthly work day in 2016 and quickly fell in love with the residents and the sense of peace they felt while at the Refuge. After that, they regularly volunteered at work days and as a sanctuary projects volunteer.

Suzanne lives in Chapel Hill with their partner, Joe, and three cat companions, Butterball, Cashew, and Toulouse. They are an active member of the local vegan community and also work with Vegans for Peace and Triangle Vegfest. In their free time, Suzanne enjoys crafting, playing board games, and doing science outreach.





Vice President: Jim Hickman

Jim, a transplant to North Carolina from back west, moved here in 2004 to be closer to his now wife, Carrie. They have been married for more than 12 years and have three boys Oliver, Finn and Jett. They have two adopted dogs, Clementine and Ruby Red and one adopted chicken Princess Leia. Jim became vegan in 2017 after years of trying vegetarianism and dairy-free living. Thanks in part to a wife that set the example and a shared love of all animals. Our favorite family saying is “We don’t eat our friends.”

Professionally, Jim owns and operates a small creative agency located in downtown, Raleigh. He enjoys woodworking, building, painting and drawing, playing with his boys and animals, being outdoors and cooking with his wife.





Treasurer: Rachel Jordan

Rachel found the Refuge after moving back to Raleigh and looking for a veg-friendly community. She started volunteering on workdays and is now a regular on barn cleaning weekends. Rachel is especially proud that Olivia Chicken is named in honor of her grandmother. Rachel works as a financial analyst, is an avid podcast listener and enjoys Wake County’s greenways. She lives in Cary with her wife, bonus son, tiny dog and giant cat.










Secretary: Dylan Muckerman

Dylan joined the Board in May 2017. They’ve been vegan since 2013 and were vegetarian for a few years before that. Shortly after discovering the Refuge, Dylan began volunteering and loves being able to have such a direct impact on animals’ lives. They started with doing barn cleaning, animal care, and various construction projects around the Refuge. They have a particular fondness for the birds at the Refuge, especially our tiniest chickens, Madeline (pictured) and Butterscotch.

Dylan lives in Carrboro with their two cats Gerd and Mushroom. They love drawing, befriending animals, reading books, and learning about anything. 





Andrea Kiefer

Andrea went vegan overnight in 2009 after reading The Pig Who Sang to the Moon: The Emotional World of Farm Animals, while visiting her aunt. She started the book Friday and was vegan by Monday! While researching all things vegan and finding her way, she discovered the Refuge through a local veg group during the planning stages in 2012 and became a supporter, and later, a volunteer.

Passionate about rights and justice, both human and non, led to co-founding Vegans for Peace in 2015 while also getting involved in other local justice movements and community activism.

An active member of the vegan community, Andrea enjoys hiking and time in nature, reading, documentaries, local music and all things tasty! She lives in North Raleigh with old man Sam, her 19 year old orange tabby. <3



Dani Morin

Dani joined the Board in December, 2020. She toured the Refuge in 2017 and immediately fell in love with the residents. Shortly after visiting the Refuge, Dani started volunteering as a sanctuary volunteer, eventually switching to weekly evening animal care.

Dani became vegan in 2016 after adopting her first dog, Fox, and reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.

Dani lives in Hillsborough with her partner, Scott, and their two rescue dogs, Fox and Oakley. In her free time, Dani enjoys reading, hiking, working out and cuddling animals.





Jordan Daniel Mills

Jordan Daniel Mills moved to Durham, NC with his wife, Erika Deoudes, in the Summer of 2016.

They both went vegan in 2019 and became involved with Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge shortly thereafter, inspired by Jo-Anne McArthur’s masterclass with We Animals Media.

Erika would take on the refuge’s 2020 Artist in Residence program while he tagged along to take pictures and videos for reference. He couldn’t have foreseen how much joy he found in being with the residents and getting to know them individually. He would come to create his first short film Wren: The story of eight chickens who were rescued from the rubble of a tornado ravaged factory farm in Georgia and brought to the refuge to live in peace.

Jordan has more interests than he knows what to do with! One that has stuck in his heart has been documenting the lives of the people and residents at the refuge. He believes that showing how the refuge cares for the animals is an integral part of the vegan message, demonstrating a willingness and ability to imagine a world where we can truly care for one another.


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