Two heads are better than one! We are pleased to offer a vegan mentor program. Our program is designed to provide tailored one-on-one mentorship to anyone considering going vegan. If you’re interested in learning more about veganism, please contact us! Our vegan mentors are ready to provide you with personal resources and answer all of your questions. 




Q: Can I meet with someone in person or is this program only virtual?
A: Either! Just let us know your preference and we’ll set you up with a mentor that will be a good fit. Our mentors are happy to correspond via email, meetup in person, or both. Your mentor can potentially meet with you in person or walk through a grocery store together to help identify vegan options. However, we recognize that everyone is busy, and if you are simply looking for online support, we can provide that.
Q: Is there a deadline for signing up?
A: No, there is not a deadline. The program is ongoing.
Q: Does signing up mean that I’m committing to going vegan?
A: No. Signing up means that we will provide you with a mentor that will be there to support you no matter what stage you are at. Meat-eaters, vegetarians, and veg-curious people are all welcome!
Q: I’m interested in being a mentor. How do I signup?
A: Email us at PFAR.veganmentor@gmail.com