United Poultry Concerns

Machipongo, Virginia
phone: 757-678-7875






United Poultry Concerns was founded by Karen Davis in 1990 and is home to over 140 rescued birds. The chickens in her care have been rescued from laboratories, cock fighting operations, shelters and factory farms. Karen has worked tirelessly for decades advocating on behalf of chickens, turkey and other birds. An author, speaker, and well-known farmed animal activist, Karen has made great strides in bringing awareness to the plight of these birds to the general public. For instance UPC led an initiative to place ads on buses in both San Francisco and DC with the slogan “what wings are for” with a picture of a loving mother hen cradling a small chick. After our tour we got the opportunity to spend an extended amount of time with several of the hens who were friendly and affectionate. They were especially interested in Jen’s black shiny boots! Karen was generous enough to give us a large quantity of several informative pamphlets developed by UPC for educational outreach which we look forward to distributing at our upcoming vegan bake sale.