In 2014 Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge successfully raised $100,000 to build a state-of-the-art barn for rescued goats and sheep. We are grateful to the many donors and volunteers who made this effort possible, and to volunteer barn architect Paul Drake.

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Indiegogo Fundraiser: July-September 2015

The campaign efforts began with an online fundraiser through the crowd-funding website Indiegogo. We raised just under $10,000 through Indiegogo and gave away some amazing perks, including a unique sheep shirt designed specially for the effort. You can view the our archived Indiegogo fundraising page here and view the video we created for it on youtube here.

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The Goat & Sheep Fundraiser: October 11, 2014

We followed up our online fundraiser with an event at the Center for Architecture & Design in Raleigh, NC. This beautiful space held over 50 guests and the event included all vegan appetizers, a fabulous silent auction, raffle, open bar, and presentations from Refuge supporters. Additional monetary support came in through our end of the year campaign and we were able to successfully raise the $100,000 needed to build the facilities by the end of 2014.
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Building The Goat & Sheep Barn

The goat and sheep barn and supporting infrastructure broke ground in February of 2015. Barn architect and lead builder Paul Drake headed up a team of apprentice carpenters and also directed volunteers who attended numerous work days throughout the year. Both a necessary structure for animal rescue and a thesis project, the goat & sheep barn delves into the concept of “Farm Animal Architecture”, which  strives to create dwellings specially constructed for farm animals based on their individual physical, psychological and emotional needs and wants.


Goat & Sheep Residents

Our goat and sheep residents are grateful for the permanent home they now have at the Refuge, thanks to the support of many donors. Our residents were victims of the meat, dairy and pet industries, but will now live out the rest of their lives in a loving and peaceful home.

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