Considering a donation to Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge? Read why our supporters love and believe in our work!


“I love Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge because it a perfect forever home for rescued factory farm animals.” – Phillip MacDonald


“I love Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge because the turkeys and chickens and goats that are there get to live their lives the way they are meant to, and that makes my heart sing with joy!” – Anna McClaugherty Cordova


I love the Refuge…“Because they put a tangible face on loving animals, that my kids (and I) can see and be proud of.” – Julia Latham

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“The joy that I feel being there fills up my human tank and makes life a little more bearable. This Refuge is an absolute must if your tank is feeling a little bit drained. Come and feel the energy and zen that this wonderful place emits.” – Leigh Kostoryz




“My partner and I love Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge because of each and every amazing creature that calls it home. We deeply respect the work and mission of the Refuge and have been privileged to share in its beauty and peace. Thank you for rescuing these animals and for providing protection, love, care and shelter for the rest of their lives.” – Kevin Sargent


“I love Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge because it helps me hope for a more compassionate world. And because the sweet (and tough) hens of Bay 6 are an inspiration and a delight!” – Alice Hamilton Evert


“Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge is a haven for animals and humans alike, a place where we can come 13335759_10101313160842015_2912918630042285524_ntogether and share our common love and understanding of one another and our furry and feathered friends. It’s spending time with like-minded individuals, to share our experiences, values, and our desire to educate those who have not yet come to know animals as friends and not commodities. The friends I’ve made through the Refuge are my heroes and I’m proud to know each and every one of them. Together with the animals we are changing the world!” – Mary Whitmire


“I love Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge because they dedicate their time and energy to help the animals that need it most. These animals deserve love and compassion, and I feel like the Refuge can give that to them beyond a doubt. They are helping people to wake up to the cruelty that takes place in factory farms and realize they can make a difference.” – Crystal Bailey


“I love Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge for the way they go about slowly building a quality organization with strong leaders and supporters. And for all the animals that call the Refuge their forever home, of course!!” – Brent E. Cagle


1800040_702489453192000_7545878642726697098_o“I love the Refuge because they have dedicated their lives to helping, protecting and caring for animals who need us, but have no voice. Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge is a safe haven in a sometimes cruel world.” – Lori A. Stevens


“I love the Refuge because it’s a ray of hope in a sad world where it’s “acceptable” to torture and murder animals. Every animal who is lucky enough to come to the refuge is treated with love and respect. And I also really love the outreach and education they provide. I can safely assume that most animal rights advocates today were once meat eaters who didn’t really think about the horrors of factory farming until someone opened their eyes. The Refuge is opening those eyes!” – Anna O’Neal


“I love Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge because they are establishing the Peaceable Kingdom on Earth. In a world full of suffering, pain, darkness, and ignorance, they bring sanctuary, healing, peace, love, light, knowledge, and wisdom. Just knowing they exist, my world weary soul finds rest.” – Deborah Hawes

“I wanted to let you know that it’s because of taking the tour at your refuge several years ago that my family and I finally made the decision to go fully vegan.  We had been vegetarian for many years and were “mostly” vegan but still just hadn’t fully committed.  Hearing the stories of your residents and witnessing the devotion your staff/volunteers have for the animals resonated with us and opened my eyes to doing more.  We are so grateful that you and the Refuge exist–you are truly making a difference.” – Anonymous

“I love Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge because for the first time since going vegan I was able to meet and interact with chickens, turkeys and goats and know that they were not being exploited, used or harmed in anyway anymore. I’d never touched a live chicken or turkey before and it was really an emotional moment for me. They’re so smart and funny and unique! I love the Refuge for providing refuge and sanctuary for, being an advocate for and allowing me the opportunity to get to know and help care for these beautiful souls.” – Andrea Kiefer


14522857_1097108670396741_4467901955951247663_n“I love Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge because they give comfy, loving, forever homes to farm animals and they continue to gently educate people about factory farming and veganism. My soul rests easier knowing the Refuge exists in the factory farm-heavy state of NC!!!!” – Jennifer Cox