What We Do

The Refuge is a 20 acre farm animal sanctuary currently home to chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, and ducks rescued from lives of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. In the coming years, we will work  to expand our  sanctuary to include geese, pigs and cattle.

Farm animals endure an appalling amount of pain and suffering in factory farms and other exploitive environments, much of which is largely hidden from the general public. Farm animal sanctuaries provide a safe place where these animals are provided with high quality housing, pasture, food, socialization, enrichment and medical care specific to each species and each individual’s needs’. Additionally, these animals are allowed to live out their natural life spans in a safe and loving environment. 

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge is open to the general public and provides a place for people to meet, feed, and interact with farm animals who are happy and relaxed. Many people who come to the Refuge meet farm animals for the first time and are surprised  by their individual personalities and friendly nature. In this way, the animals who live at the Refuge serve as ambassadors for the billions of farm animals exploited every year. 


Where Our Rescues Come From

The Refuge rescue farm animals from a variety of undesirable situations, including factory farms. The following are potential situations and locations for farm animal rescue:

Factory Farms, Slaughterhouses & Stockyards, which many relinquish animals for a number of reasons including animal illness, unprofitability or natural disaster.

Cruelty cases, in which personal owners have been relieved of farm animal by law enforcement due to extreme neglect or cruelty.

Shelter abandonment, in which personal owners have dropped off farm animals at cat and dog shelters.

Unclaimed & lost animals, who may be found by a member of the general public and brought to The Refuge.


How You Can Help

In order to be able to do this important work, we need the help of people like you who care about the lives of farm animals. Please visit our Barn Raising Campaign page to learn how you can contribute to future rescue efforts. Thank you!


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