Regional Sanctuary Tour

Piedmont Farm
Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge Chicken Rescue & Sanctuary Animal Haven of Asheville Goat Mountain Ranch Sanctuary Full Circle Farm Sanctuary PIGS Animal Sanctuary Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary United Poultry Concerns Chocowinity Chicken Sanctuary

The Refuge is being built with the help and support of an entire community, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who has pitched in to make our work possible. In that same spirit, a group of us are embarking on a journey that seeks to further expand our community to include farm animal sanctuaries throughout our region. As we travel over the course of 5 days to visit 8 separate sanctuaries, we will be striving to learn, share and make connections that we hope will strengthen our region’s already impressive presence of farm animal advocacy. As we visit each sanctuary, we’ll publish a post about our experiences that will be linked to the corresponding barn in the above map (our travel route is clockwise in direction).¬†We hope you’ll follow us as we travel to meet new friends and forge new relationships based in compassion towards all beings!


Jennifer, Lenore & Jordan