Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary

Poolesville, Maryland
phone: 301-428-8128






In order to fit in two sanctuaries today we were on the road a little after 5AM but the early rise was well worth it. We arrived at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary with the sunrise and were given a tour by co-founder Terry Cummings. Terry and her husband Dave moved onto the property in 1987 and were renting a place in the main house. At that time, dairy cows were being raised on the farm by another tenant and Terry & Dave became very attached to them. One day they heard loud bellows of distress and when they ran outside to help, saw the cows being brutally treated by men who had come to take away the male babies. Male calves born to dairy cows are taken away from their mothers at a very young age and are raised for veal, where they are kept in extreme confinement and isolation before an early death. When Terry & Dave saw the reality of what life is like for these cows, they went vegetarian and soon thereafter vegan. Eventually the owner of the property donated the 400 acres of land to the sanctuary where they now provide a loving home to around 200 animals. On our tour we met the rambunctious calf Mikey who was saved from the veal industry and saw the sweet tenderness of a mother goose building a nest for her newly laid eggs. Poplar Spring places eggs from their rescues in the woods for the wildlife on the property and gives the wool from their sheep to a local Audubon society for use in bird nests. It was such a joy to meet Terry and the residents of Poplar Spring.