PIGS Animal Sanctuary

Sheperdstown, West Virginia
phone: 304-876-6766







Our morning visit to PIGS Animal Sanctuary in Sheperdstown West Virginia was a wonderful experience. Executive Director Melissa Susko took time out of her busy schedule to introduce us to many of the wonderful residents. Levi the pit bull helped lead the tour and we had a great time meeting Oliver the pig who thoroughly enjoyed having his belly rubbed. Pigs enjoy human affection much similar to dogs and can form lifelong bonds with humans and other animals. Melissa has done a remarkable job revitalizing the sanctuary over the past 18 years and works extremely hard to provide a comfortable home for the 500 sanctuary residents. As we work to build The Refuge we hope to remain in close contact with Melissa and learn from her years of experience in this field. After a great tour we headed to the quaint downtown area of Sheperdstown where we ate at a wonderful vegetarian cafe Mellow Moods recommended by Melissa.