Lenore Braford is the founder, volunteer interim Executive Director, and volunteer Shelter Manager at the Refuge. Her drive to advocate for populations in need began in middle school when she began worked with children with disabilities. That work continues today, but her circle of compassion was widened to include farm animals when she began to question how our society views and treats them during her studies at Oberlin College. Since that time she has been steadily working to advocate for farm animals while educating the general public about the truths behind their treatment and their worth as individuals. Lenore has been vegan since 2007 and enjoys playing music, being outdoors and spending time with her cat Sipsie. 





Paul Drake is the partner of founder Lenore Braford and has been intimately involved with the organization since day one. Paul volunteers his time as the barn designer and building leader. Additionally he has been the designer of the website, event fliers, t-shirt designs, and the organizational logo. Paul graduated from NC State University with a masters degree in Architecture in the Spring of 2015. He received both the Catalano Scholarship and the Kamphoefner Fellowship for outstanding design work. He interned for two consecutive summers with the prestigious firm Frank Harmon Architect in Raleigh. Paul has been vegan since 2007 and his other interests include music, camping, and hiking.