Our Wish List


You can now donate an item from our wish list through Amazon.com. Simply visit our Amazon Wish List, select an item to purchase, and it will be automatically shipped to us! Please visit the Amazon Refuge Wish List today!

TOUR GUESTS: We appreciate donations of fresh kale, fresh collards, cabbages, carrots, paper towels, toilet paper and boxes of latex-free gloves.

Below are specific services and specialty items we are currently in need of. Please contact us here if you are able to donate your time or any of these items. Thank you!   


Needed Services

Specialty Items Needed

Printing (pamphlets, brochures and fliers) Tractor and attachments
Professional photography Trucks, cars, vans
Veterinary services Bobcat
Carpentry and building Electric Gators
Welding Golf Carts
Tractor and bush-hogging  
Vegan baking and cooking  
Vegan catering