membership card border copySupport us during this important time of growth and development. Become a Founding Member of Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge and help us provide a stable and loving home for farm animals. Individual and Junior Memberships are currently available.



Individual Membership: $25/person

Member Benefits:

♦ One year membership from date of purchase
♦ One Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge bumper magnet                                
♦ One free single baked good item at each of our events

Junior Membership: $12/person

(for kids 12 and under)

Member Benefits:

♦ One year membership from date of purchase
♦ Two Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge stickers
♦ One free single baked good item at each of our events





Bumper MagnetVegan Baked Goods!

Junior Membership Stickers




Membership FAQ

Does the membership run a calendar year (Jan-Dec) or from the date of purchase?

♦ The membership is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Can I pre-pay for my membership renewal?

♦ No, memberships can be renewed only at the time of their yearly completion. (Pre-paying would greatly complicate our membership tracking system.)

If I donate to The Refuge, do I automatically become a member?

♦ No, you must specifically sign up to become a member in order to receive our membership benefits.

What do I get when I renew my membership?

♦ Renewing members receive a new membership card and all of the same discounts that new members receive. If you need a new bumper magnet please ask and we’ll be happy to send you one.

When will I receive my membership package?

♦ Membership packages should be received within three weeks of purchase. Please contact us at if you have not received your package.

Will I need to show my membership card when I utilize my membership discounts?

♦ Yes, to receive all discounts you must show your membership card and a photo ID.

Can others use my membership card?

♦ No, memberships are non-transferrable. The individual whose name is on the card is the only person who may receive our membership benefits.

Can I gift a membership to someone else?

♦ Yes, to purchase a gift membership, please mark the gift check box when ordering and provide the recipient’s information in the Member Information and Shipping Information sections.