Leadership Giving

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Our organization is in a critical stage of growth and development. Join the Founders’ Circle and take a leadership role in creating a compassionate future for farm animals. Members of the Founders’ Circle will receive a special framed certificate of membership, as well as recognition on our website and on an exclusive Founders’ Circle Plaque that will be permanently displayed at our sanctuary. Your gift of $500 or more will help provide a solid foundation for us to succeed in our important mission of helping farm animals receive a loving home.

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Founders’ Circle Members

Bob & Cynthia Risley

Susan & James Hammersley

Dan & Alex Schnitzer

Kim Reinhardt

The Hadley Family

Julie Brittain

Bic DeCaro

Barbara Zarrella

Rebecca Edwards

Janice Smith

Gigi Ormsby & Mark Voerman

Brent E. Cagle & Randy D. Waters

Ali Razeen

Mark Braford & Catherine McCormick

Barbara & Dave Shumannfang

The Turbert Family

Rachel M Jordan

Alicia Robb & Mark Patrick

Julie LaFalce

Caroline Dyar & Michael Rooney


Amyla Lavric

Timothy G. Blitz

Richie Wallace

Samuel & Iris Astrof

Jessica, Jay and Shyah Friedenthal

Kelly Bowler

Tuula Sadowniczak

Nathalie Martin

The Latham Family

Maready Evergreen

Kevin & Cindy Smith

Erik & Torey Wahlstrom

Deborah Davis

Will Butler

Kelly Close

Curt Philip Kohlberg & Allegra Kate Manacher

Vegan Action

Bridget Conroy

Cassandra Crawford