Vote here for the special holiday meal we will provide for our lovely turkeys residents as part of our Virtual Celebration of the Turkeys!

In celebration of our turkey friends, they will be the guests of honor for a delicious holiday dinner. The menu will be chosen by YOU! Check out the menu items here, and then make a donation in exchange for a vote. Votes are a $1 donation each, or you can get 6 votes for a $5 donation. You can donate to the Refuge directly on Venmo (@PiedmontRefuge), or by clicking below to donate via PayPal. When donating through Venmo, please add a note with the dish for which you’d like to vote!

Menu items up for nomination include:

ASTONISHING OATMEAL – A delightful combination of melt-in-your-beak baked apples, roasted bananas, and bartlett pears over fresh cooked warm oatmeal, topped with cinnamon-coated sunflower seeds and dried cranberries.

HARD-CORE KALE SALAD – Freshly chopped and massaged curly kale is tossed with a roasted vegetable medley of yellow squash, pumpkin and corn. This salad is sprinkled with pumpkins seeds and finely sliced gala apples. 

PHENOMENAL PIE – A delicious (and healthy!) fall pie made from pureed sweet potato and roasted pumpkin, topped with fresh cranberries, blueberries and kiwifruit. 

$1 per vote:

Menu Items

$5 for 6 votes:

Menu Items