Goat Mountain Ranch Sanctuary

Leicester, North Carolina
phone: 828-683-5709

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We began our day traveling from Asheville to Leicester to visit Goat Mountain Ranch Sanctuary. The founder, Rob Levy took us on a thorough tour/hike of the grounds before it started raining. He founded Goat Mountain in 2003 after purchasing the mountain-side property and taking in animals here and there at the request of friends and neighbors. Now over 50 residents live at the sanctuary and he has helped to find loving homes and foster families for over 600 additional animals. Rob welcomes tour groups on the weekends and has volunteers who help with animal care from time to time. He coordinated the collection of tried and true vegan recipes and has created a cookbook to help provide guidance to those new to vegan eating. When visitors come to the sanctuary Rob likes to explain the difference between a farm and a sanctuary. “A farm is a place where animals live for humans, a sanctuary is a place where animals live for themselves”.


Find their vegan cookbook here: http://www.goatmountainsanctuary.org/merchandise/