Cook-Along with The Raven Corps: Tofu Chorizo!

Sunday, August 8th, 4 pm EST. FREE!

Join cooking instructor Jesse Zamora from The Raven Corps for a fun and interactive virtual cook-along! We will cook a delicious vegan tofu chorizo from start to finish. During this live event, you’ll practice cooking techniques, learn about the Refuge and the Raven Corps, and have ample opportunities to ask any questions. A list of all ingredients needed to make this plant-based recipe from scratch can be found by clicking below.

The class will be live streamed on our Facebook (RSVP to the event here), and on this page.

About the instructor:

Jesse Zamora (He/Him) 

I work for a youth activist organization in Portland, Oregon called The Raven Corps. We empower and support anti-oppression change-makers between the ages of 15 and 22 who advocate for liberation and justice for animals, humans, and our natural world! I help manage our food and lifestyle program, Growing Beyond the Recipe (GBTR). The Lead Ravens of GBTR produce media content (YouTube and Tik Tok videos as well as a podcast) centered around “Food as Resistance”.

My passion for cooking pulled me to Portland, Oregon from San Jose, California. I’ve worked in restaurants throughout Portland for over 10 years honing my talent and skills. I became an ethical vegan shortly after I met my brilliant wife Claire. Becoming a vegan chef was something that I couldn’t imagine because I found myself scared to lose foods that spoke to me on a spiritual level. It took some time to realize that the fears I had were not warranted. I believe that you can hold on to culture, tradition, and ethics while still thinking critically about our impact on animals, people and our world.

When I think about combating oppression, hate, and racism I naturally think of food as a component to sustain real change.