Chocowinity Chicken Sanctuary

Chocowinity, North Carolina
phone: 252-946-9663






Our regional sanctuary tour ended with a visit to Chocowinity Chicken Sanctuary run by Kay and Jim Evans. They started the sanctuary in 1996 and currently house around 60 birds rescued from shelters, individual owners, and factory farms. In the past Kay was able to rescue many more birds from factory farm who were unwanted by the industry. In recent years however, these companies have limited access to Kay and other rescuers. This is because consumers have become more and more concerned about the well being of animals in these industries which has prompted the industries to propel Ag-Gag laws that block public access to factory farms. This response is a testament to the horrors that farm animals face behind closed doors. Kay introduced us to all of the residents and was very generous to share her knowledge and past experience working with these amazing animals. Chocowinity Chicken Sanctuary tables at local festivals with pictures, displays, and pamphlets illustrating the treatment of farm animals in factory farms.


After 5 days, 1,590 miles, and 7 sanctuary visits we have concluded our journey and look forward to applying what we’ve learned to our work at The Refuge. As we work to bring in our very own first rescues and continue to build our organization we hope to keep in contact and work alongside many of these fantastic farm animal advocates.