Chicken Rescue & Sanctuary

Union Mills, North Carolina
phone: 828-287-4549







Our first stop was a visit to Chicken Rescue and Sanctuary, run by Annamaria & Paul Bowman. Annamaria gave us a tour of the chicken yard, where they currently house over 45 chickens and roosters. The Bowmans started rescuing birds in 2009, and only recently have developed a website and began to be more public about their venture. Fed on a diet of organic poultry grain (free of hormones and pesticides) and fresh fruits and veggies, the rescues under their care each have a name and distinct personality. Among them was Robin Hood the rooster who was doing an excellent job of looking after the lady hens under his watch. All animals are unique individuals who deserve to live full lives free from unnecessary suffering. Even chickens used for eggs are eventually killed on traditional farms, and most live out their short lives confined in battery cages where they are given less than  a sheet of paper’s worth of space to occupy. Please choose a compassionate vegan lifestyle that avoids needless suffering. Need help making the transition? Contact us and check our our resources and recipes on our website under “Veganism”.