Barn Raising Campaign

As Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge grows, we will be continually working to build barns and shelters for future rescued animals. Our Barn Raising Campaign will remain active throughout these formative years.

The Small Animal Clinic



The chickens, turkeys, goats and sheep who call Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge home are greatly in need of an on-site clinic to assist in their health-care needs. The clinic will provide a sterile environment where our residents can be evaluated and treated for minor injuries, infections, and other health complications. The space will also be useful for administering dewormers, vaccines and other routine medications in an environment designed to reduce stress. Additionally, the space can be utilized for new animals who need to be in isolation before being integrated in with our current residents.

The clinic will include small holding areas for chickens, turkeys, and small ruminants such as young goats or sheep. It will also include a stall for larger ruminants in addition to an exam table, counters and cabinets, running water, and heating and air conditioning. The heating and air conditioning included in the building is particularly important for sick or elderly animals, who are more susceptible to extreme cold or heat. 

Thanks to the generous support of our community, all needed funding the for clinic has been secured and construction is currently underway. Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the clinic and future barn raising campaigns!


Future Campaigns

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 Past Campaigns

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