Position Statements

Animals are used for their bodies in many different ways. We believe that animals have a right to their own bodies, are not meant for human consumption and services, and deserve respect as fellow inhabitants of our planet. Because of these simple truths, we take the following positions:


We promote veganism and oppose the use of animals and their products for food.

Animals are slaughtered for their flesh and used for their eggs and milk every day. Not only are animal products unnecessary to our wellbeing, the ways in which animals are raised and slaughtered are horrifyingly inhumane and violent. There are so many other options for compassionate and health-conscious shoppers.


We oppose the use of animals and their products for clothing.

Fur, wool, leather, silk, and feathers are all ways in which animals are exploited for their bodies in unnecessary and cruel ways. There are so many cruelty-free options for coats, purses, belts, shoes, sweaters and comforters that funding these violent industries is unnecessary.


We oppose the use of animals for entertainment.

All different kinds of animals, from lions and elephants, to horses and dolphins, are used for entertainment. We don’t have to fund dangerous, inhumane industries to enjoy the wonder of animals. We can still enjoy animals while allowing them to enjoy their own lives. Today we have several means to capture moments in animals’ lives without disturbing them.


We oppose the use of animals for scientific research.

Many animals are experimented on and abused in labs every day. Not only are an alarming amount of these experiments frivolous, redundant and unnecessary, even the tests that are done in an attempt to gain answers to human diseases are ineffective. Advances in science have produced technologies that give us more accurate data without resorting to animal testing. The best way we can show that we do not agree with animal testing is to support cruelty-free options whenever possible.


We oppose the use of animals for any purpose that harms the animal or species.

The varieties of ways in which animals are used are too vast to summarize in just one page. The easiest way to avoid funding industries that harm animals is to only purchase products that are cruelty-free. These can be found in most retail stores and can be easily recognized by a bunny logo or the words “Cruelty-Free” or “No Animal Testing”.


We oppose the use of misleading terminology such as “humane meat/slaughter”.

As those who are concerned about animal rights increase, producers of meat and dairy are pressured to assure the masses that their products can still be consumed without guilt. This has led to the rise of terms such as “humane meat” or “humane slaughter”, which have no legal meaning and are by nature, contradictory. The only term that can be trusted to cause no harm is “Vegan”.